New and Improved Retro luxe???

Bonjour and how are we all today?

Today’s blog is all about the new and improved formula of the Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Matte lip kits (man that’s a mouthful). The original kits came out at the beginning of the year I think and boy was I excited. Now as you may of guessed these are very similar to the Kylie lip kits. Everyone and their mum has jumped on the lip kit wagon, with loads of companies producing their own version. So you knew that Makeup Revolution would created their own more affordable kits.

When they were first released I pick up two; Reign & Grandee. I had no issues with them apart from they could get a little dry and flaky if my lips weren’t prepped right. But other than that I really enjoyed them. I have a fair few of the Kylie lip kits, which as a UKer it becomes expensive buying them, so having a UK alternative that’s more accessible and affordable is a winner from me. However, I do know a few people that didn’t have a great experience with the original formulation.

A few weeks ago while shopping I noticed that they had these little stickers on them saying “NEW IMPROVED”, so yep of course I had to pick up one to test out against the original one. I picked up my favourite colour; Reign to put to the test. Hopefully this will help others see if there is any real change.

On first impression on just swatching I can see a difference, the liner is slightly lighter than the original and more creamy too. The liquid lipstick is definitely more creamier and dries a lot better than the original. It’s looking good, now to put it to the real test….. a days wear. Firstly I have scrubbed and moisturised my lips the night before to make sure the product has a good base to work with.

On first application it felt as creamy as it swatched, it glided on beautiful and felt so lightweight. It took a little while to not feel tacky but nothing uncomfortable. Through the day I’ve have drank & eaten and the staying powder is really good to be fair! On my first drink I only had a little transfer but nothing after that and it didn’t look like it had lost any vibarance either.


After about 5 hours wear it did start to peel a little but I am terrible for bitting my lips, so not sure if this had anything to do with it. There is still a little tack if I really press my lips together but it still feel soft and my lips don’t feel dry.

Over all the formula does feel different as it’s not as thick and sticky as before. Wear wise they wear really well and for £6 you can’t go wrong. It was much easier to remove than the original too, which is a BIG thumbs up. Would I recommend, YES. I personally didn’t have any real problems with it. These really are great for those on a budget looking for a long wearing lip colour. I’m interested to see what the darker shades are like now.

Enjoy your hump day guys xoxo


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