Who is Bekah’s Crazy World

Hello hello old friends how are we? Sorry I’ve been MIA the last few months but I’m hear to tell you all and for you to get to know me a little more.

So who is Bekah’s Crazy World???

I am Rebekah, I will be 32 in 2 weeks and I have 3 beautiful mini me’s. My eldest is 12, my middle is 10 (nearly 11) and my youngest is 5. My older 2 have additional needs – My eldest is Visual impaired due to a condition she was born with called Ocular Albinism type 2. So as you can image she is very pale and sensitive to the sun. Then my middle child has ADHD and dyspraxia, Now i’m going to explain this as the stigma around ADHD. My son doesn’t have the “typical stereotype” ADHD, my son is the most loving and caring boy. He isn’t a “naughty boy” and I certainly do not let him off on things because of his condition. He does, however, fidget like a trooper. If you meet him he is always fiddle with something and can not keep still, he struggles with his emotions and can easily become upset. There are so many different variations of ADHD! I am very lucky to have 3 amazing children, but they do keep me very very busy. I am now a single parent, as me and my husband have recently separated and I work a few different jobs, but am cutting back to be around more for my munchkins.

So that’s a little about me so you get an idea of my live…… It’s very busy and always full on. I know nothing about technology, computers, cameras or anything connected with technology. I am also a pooch-mummy lol I have a beautiful 3 year old blue/white staffie/whippet cross who we rescued a year ago. I love to bake and cook and eat it all. My weakness is crisps and scones (with the full works), I love roller casters and LOVE tattoos – I have a fair few. My background is beauty, that’s were I started in beauty therapy. I started to train for a career in nursing which came to a stop, 6 years ago thanks to a type of brain aneurysm that left me very poorly and very lucky to be here today. I have been left with some side effects that caused me to no longer continue down the nursing path. So that’s a little of me.

So where have I been?

As I said me and my husband have recently separated so I have been very closed off as you can imagine. The past year has not been kind to me, but that all part of life. I have recently suffered a breakdown, which I am getting help for but it is a long road to “recovery”. Because all the stigma around mental health in the past I didn’t want to except a few recent events, which lead me to completely breakdown……. but you know what? IT’S OKAY! just shows I am indeed a human being and not a robot or alien. I took time out to regain my head and focus on my children.

So why do I blog?

I original started a couple of years back, it was a place that was my own to share my love and passions; motherhood and beauty. I didn’t start to gain a big following,I just simply wanted to connect with like minded people to share my passion. The problem with my life is I work a lot and not socialable hours, I am a mummy, I am also the chair for my children school PTA as well as having a few issues in life. So I can not always dedicate my time to blogging. I did at one point get ill over posting as I was trying to keep up with the “big boys” shall we say. I got very caught up in trying to post often as I thought I would loose that Beauty Blogger status, shall we call it. Then after the past year with health worries of my own and tragic live events I decided that it wasn’t that important anymore. I started this because I just wanted to talk, connect with people around the globe who share that same love of talking about beauty related things. I love to help people so knowing whatever little or much I was posting was helping someone, that’s what makes it all worth while. The sweet messages of thanks for recommending a product, the chat I have in random makeup stores with their customer on which items to buy lol and the messages asking for help. I just love to help, that is my nature. So I may not post often anymore but I’m pretty sure by now you can see that sometime I just don’t have the time as I either work, at appointments or just busy being a mummy.

I love blogging, its that time for me that is me. So thank you to everyone that has been amazing, looks at my posts or even reads them lol THANK YOU. I more recently started youtube and have been concentrating on that too as I love just chatting to myself and I find that a little easier to do fit in sometimes.

THANK YOU for reading guys. as always I love hearing your views, comments and suggestions. Take care you beautiful lot xoxo


6 thoughts on “Who is Bekah’s Crazy World

  1. Sharon P says:

    You’ve worded all of that really nicely! Well done. I’m sorry you’ve had such a crappy time – me too!! We should get together for coffee and cake cake cake and compare notes!! Hope your babies are all doing well xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Stephanie clarke says:

    Well this is the first time I’ve seen this blog . It’s amazing and you are an amazing women , mum and aunty 🙂 . It’s refreshing to see someone talk so openly about problems they are facing , I face a few of these myself . But as mum’s we steam ahead and do the best we can … so sorry to hear about your marriage I had no idea hun . Keep up the good work you are doing amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

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