High adherence silicone primer

The ordinary products are everywhere at the moment and righty so. When Wayne Goss shared this amazing secret awesome afford brand with us a month or so ago, I think most of the beauty World snapped some up.

I picked up a few items, in particular the High Adherence silicone primer. I wanted to give it a GOOD test before I wrote my review and let me tell you this does not disappoint. 

This is super affordable costing you £3.90 but it looks more like a high end product than a affordable one and it does what it says. It’s a smoothing and blurring primer that can be used as part of your skincare or as a primer before makeup. I have used this both alone and under my makeup to give you a good idea of what it’s like.

As a primer this is amazing. My foundation applied so well over the top, giving you a lovely flawless smooth base. This performs well under pressure too, helping my makeup to stay in place all day/night. This didn’t break me out, the texture is so velvety and blurs the skin out lovely. It’s isn’t so thick that it feele like it’s clogging your pores which i find with a few ‘blurring’ primers, it feels like air on the skin.

On its own it’s works just as well. I like using this on my no makeup days just to even/blur my skin a little. You can tell if I’m bare bare faced and when I have this on, as my skin just looks airbrushed. My skin feels lovely, smooth and hydrated. Here’s my hand naturally with nothing on it of course, to demonstrate the effect this has.

Then with a little applied

It blurs out fine lines, wrinkles and just smoothed the surface out to an even base. I am in love and stocking up!

This for me is a MUST HAVE product. So affordable and works! It makes me so excited to try out the rest of the products I have from them, if the primer is awesome, just imagine what their skincare products are like!

You can purchase The Ordinary from Victoria Health shipping is very quick and the service is amazing. I totally recommend you jump on this wagon!!!

Enjoy your day xoxo


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