Makeup gallery £1 makeup range

If your like me and love a good poundland rummage, then you would have noticed their makeup brand in stores. When they first released this I did purchase a few items and was pleasantly surprised. Their eyeshadow, blushers, face powder and eyebrow pencils are pretty amazing to be honest. I did try a few other bits but wasn’t as impressed with them so I did pass them on to my daughters. I will add that I did try out their liquid eyeliner and this really didn’t agree with my eyes at all, but this was over a year ago.

So lets fast forward to now and they have picked up on the latest trends, with these little contour duos and glitter eyeliners. Of course I had to try them out and see if these are any good for there £1 price tag…… Yep each item is only £1. So to be honest I wasn’t holding out high hopes of greatness.

They do a great range of products from eyes, lips, face, nails and makeup accessories. I like the idea behind the brand and Jim McCarthy’s idea to break down makeup snobbery. He wants to create products that every women and girl can afford. So with this brand that is what he’s done, there is 100 products within the range meaning you can easily fill your makeup bag with all the products you need for a budget price. I do love how their powders are infused with vitamin E too. Moving on to the two products that I recently purchased.

Define & Conquer Contour Kit

This little duo has a light cream to highlight with, like a concealer and a contour powder. I got the kit in ‘Light 1’, now the contour shade is too warm & orangey to actually contour with but it does make a lovely matte bronzer. The texture is velvety and it applies evenly.

To be honest I didn’t hold high hopes for the cream in this kit, but I am impressed. I used this as a concealer under my eyes and let me tell you this didn’t crease at all!! The shade was perfect to highlight the under eye area and set very well.

The pigmentation on both sides is good and they both last well, so for £1 for two products its really good. Plus this is a great size to travel with, so something that I wasn’t expecting to be good turned out to be pretty darn good. Don’t get me wrong this is no Anastasia Beverley hills contour kit but it does the job, last well and cost £1! Would I recommend and use again……. Yes and yes. its worth having about for your handbag or your travel bag. The packaging isn’t the most desirable but it’s compact and does the job.

Chick Flick Eyeliner – Gold

I was a little scared to use this at first, as my last experience using the liquid liners wasn’t the best. Of course my inner unicorn in me took over and wanted the glitter, so I gave it ago. I used this on top of an eyeshadow to create a glitter shadow, the pigmentation on this is VERY good. I wasn’t there for a week trying to build up the colour, one swipe and BAM, hello glitter.

I had no burning, itching or reaction to this at all, either they have changed the formula or I got a dud bottle last time. As a ‘shadow’ this lasted really well, only a little cracking occurred but not a great deal. For £1 its pretty good and a cheaper alternative to the Urban Decay heavy metal liners at a much more affordable price tag. I have only seen two glitter liners (gold and black/silver)  I would love to see more colours from them. The brush on this is brilliant , it’s easy to control making it easier to create that perfect line. Product distributes well, liner does set quick though so bare in mind when using as a shadow topper. Would I recommend and use again? Oh most definitely!

Overall I am very impressed by these newer products. For £1 they are affordable and do just what you need, accessible for everyone and so affordable. Big thumbs up from me!

This is how the eyeliner looked at the end of a long day. 

And the bronzer. 

Have you tried? What’s your favourite product from them? Happy Friday everyone xoxo


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