Is a £3 matte foundations any good?

My quest for a high street matte foundation might be over! A while ago over on my YouTube channel, I reviewed the Primark liquid foundation (see here) which costs £2.50. This foundation blow me away, so while I was in Primark the other day I noticed a New foundation. It’s a matte version of the liquid foundation, and it’s called Matte liquid foundation. After my many failed attempts to find the perfect matte foundation for drier skin types, I thought for £3.00 why not…… £3.00 well spent.
Unlike the original the matte foundation come in a lovely bottle (not a tube) with a PUMP! First fist pump right there. There are around 6 different shades in the range, even a super pale one! It says its a Matte foundation with medium coverage and is a oily free formula.

So is this £3 foundation any good?

for £3 this is awesome! Seriously Primark are killing it at the moment with makeup. Lets talk about my thoughts:

Firstly the formula, unlike the L’Oréal total cover (which is super thick) this foundation is just like the original and has a thinner consistency than most “normal” matte foundations.

It applies evenly and well, I applied with a beauty blender and this worked very well. One of the awesome things about this is the formula isn’t drying, it didn’t leave me wanting to dip my face in oil to give it some moisture back. It didn’t make my skin look dry or make my pores look noticeable. So second fist pump.

Next the coverage, does it provide medium coverage? YES, this gave me great coverage. Covered most of my redness and scarring from my recent breakouts. I only applied one layer and this was enough to give me a pretty flawless base. Is it Matte? It’s the perfect amount of matte for me (I did add a soft strobe powder to my skin after), the finish after I applied was matte but not completely flat and dry matte, if that makes sense. For dry skin this is the perfect Matte foundation! I’d be interested to hear of see how oily skin types get on with this. By the end of the day I had a little shine around my nostrils plus a little product build up, but not a lot. Third fist pump.

Does it last? I’m pretty blinking impressed with how this lasted! lets just remember this is a £3 foundation!! So I applied a primer to one half of my face to see if that made any difference, NOPE. Both sides have lasted well and under pressure too. By the end of the day it had worn a little off my chin but not a great deal. I still had great coverage and it still looked good after 8 hours! It could have easily been “touched up” by applying a little powder if I was to say go out after work. The only thing I did notice is by the end of a sweaty day I personally started to feel shiny and like my face was melting, but its didn’t look that why. this is just how it felt on my skin….. a little greasy…. but again didn’t look like that at all. BIG FIST PUMP!!

Over all this is a pretty darn good foundation for £3!!! for me its ticked every box for what I was looking for in a Matte foundation. Would I recommend it? Errrrrrrr YEA. This is so affordable and actually lasts too. Defo keeping this one. Let me know if you’ve tried and your thoughts too xoxo




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