L’Oréal Pure Clay Washes

Good Morning all and Happy Wednesday, if your follow my Instagram you’ll know my massive love for the L’Oréal Pure Clay Masks. I have a blog post all about them here. I love each of them and they are my go to masks, they do just what they claim to do and are so kind to the skin, especially my dry/sensitive skin. So when I saw that they were releasing face washes in each Pure clay, I did a little dance and headed straight out to get them once they were released.

Just like the masks there are 3 different pure clay washes that goes hand in hand with the masks: Purity, Glow & Detox. Each one is soap free, so for me this is amazing but are they any good?

Detox Wash

Cleanse, clarifies and detoxifies. This wash contains charcoal which is known for its properties to draw out impurities. It is a gel like formula that transforms into a light foam, which not only detoxifies the skins surface by capturing impurities – including the excise oil and makeup residue. The formula claims to be non-drying and okay for daily use. The gel is black just like the mask and also has them same scent as you would hope.

My thoughts

I love this, now normally these types of washes really dry out my skin. This does not, thanks to the soap free formula this is kind to my skin all while detoxing it. I used this when I had some angry looking breakouts and within 12 hours they looked calmer, my skin felt instantly deeply cleansed and paired with the mask this is a dream team for sure. Within a couple of days my skin was clearer…. all this in a high street brand at a really affordable price. I’m in love, as this really is suitable for all skin types and does everything it claims. Plus it doesn’t irritate my eyes or skin =)
Purity Wash

Cleanse, purifies and mattifies. This wash contains eucalyptus which is known for it purifying properties. Just like the detox wash this is also has a gel texture which transforms into a light foam. This claims to eliminate impurities and excess oils to visibly reduce shine. Again it’s a non-drying wash that is safe to use daily. The gel formula is pale green and as you guess, smells just like the mask.

My Thoughts

For me this isn’t one that I reach for the most, purely because I don’t have the need to mattify my skin often. However this is lovely to use if I have had a oily nose day, not only does my skin feel cleaner but the area I’ve had a oily issue which looks and feels less oily. I had no issues with my skin feeling tight or dried out, nor did this irritate me in any way. If you have oily skin this is defiantly something to look at.

Glow Scrub

Cleanses, brightens and exfoliates. This is the only scrub out of the three which contains red algae known for its brightening properties. This light foam wash contains micro-beads which exfoliates impurities and dead skin cells, leaving skin smoother and brighter. Just like the mask its red in colour and my favourite smelling one.

My thoughts

I love this one, this is perfect for that at home facial treat. My skin looks brighter and feels smoother and the scent is a lovely spa like scent. The micro-beads aren’t harsh on my sensitive skin and again no irritation has occurred. I haven’t used this one daily as I tend to only use a scrub 2-3 times a week.

For a high-street/drugstore range these are simply amazing. I have nothing bad to say about any of them, I would defiantly recommend each one. They are amazing value, normally RRP is £5.99 each but superdrug (as of 7/3/17) have them on offer at £3.99. If your looking for a little bit of luxury at an affordable price these are fab and do just what they claim. I love teaming them up with the masks, it makes for the perfect power duo.

Let me know your thought, have you tried them? which is your favourite?



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