Is it Total cover?

I’ve gone from a no foundation type of person to someone that owns a fair few. I get so excited when I see new foundations being released, especially drugstore/high street brand ones. I’m more of a natural finish gal but I do love a good full coverage one for them rare nights out. I do have dry skin so normally matte foundations are a NO NO, but I do find that some are okay with my skin type, especially when mixed with a little oil.
When I saw that L’oreal had brought out a HIGH coverage foundation I needed it ASAP, especially after seeing all the good things being said about it.

A little about my skin: I have dry skin that gets a little oily in my T-Zone (but not always), I suffer with redness all over but mainy my cheeks, nose and chin area. I get breakouts like most girls and have a little scarring from blemishes.

About this foundation and its claims: It is a high coverage matte foundation that claims to provide you with total camo coverage for up to 24hrs with no overload. Its easy to blend, lightweight and longwearing. The infallible total cover has 30% more pigment, allowing more coverage using less product. The zero compromise, camouflage formula covers everything from redness, blemishes and tattoos without the overload, while the matte finish leaves you with an even shine free base. I’m sure by now we have all seen the advert? This made me run to my local superdrug to buy it, along with the new sponge.

So my experience and thoughts on this foundation.
The formula is very thick! and it is defiantly a matte finish. On my first trial I applied using the new L’Oréal sponge…… This was a mistake! This foundation, for me, did not apply well using the sponge. It didn’t apply well at all, it applied patchy and did not cover my redness or blemishes. So I tried to build coverage, yea bad move too, as it just made it worse. It sat in my dry patches, it separated on my nose and was just a horrible uneven mess. Because its such a thick foundation I thought that it was because I had applied it using a sponge, I had to take the foundation off straight away because it was such a mess. My thoughts turned to use a brush with it on my next trial the next day.

Quickie about the sponge. This is good using a more liquid based foundation, I used it with my bourjois healthy mix serum and it applied beautifully.

After gaining some advice about the foundation from a fellow instagramer, on my next attempt I mixed it with the true match foundation. Because I have dry skin this should, hopefully help. I then applied it with a real techniques buffering brush and covered it in MAC fix+. It did apply a lot better using a brush but after one layer it still didn’t cover all my redness or blemishes, I wasn’t about to layer it so just left it at that, it did even out my skin tone though. It dry very quick so you have to work very fast.

After a short while of wearing this foundation, it was patchy on my nose and had collected around my nostrils. I could feel it on my skin and I didn’t like how it felt. After about 5 hours of wearing it, it had started to fade around my chin, nose and cheeks. not quite the 24hr longwearing formula. It defiantly is a Matte foundation though but not a full coverage after 1 layer as I thought it would provide. But for a drugstore foundation and it costing £9.99 its pretty good coverage. Is it tattoo covering good…… NO. This didn’t cover my tattoos like on the advert. You would have to do some SERIOUS layering!

My overall option on this foundation is its not for me, Purely on the fact I have dry skin! This is not for those with dry skin at all as it really made my skin look drier. If you have oily skin then I would imagine this is perfect for you. But for me, sadly, its not a matte foundation I can get away with. It didn’t completely cover my redness on first application but I was too scared to build it up anymore. Totally gutted, so my hunt for a drugstore high coverage foundation is still on. Any recommendations?

Enjoy your day peeps xoxo


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