High adherence silicone primer

The ordinary products are everywhere at the moment and righty so. When Wayne Goss shared this amazing secret awesome afford brand with us a month or so ago, I think most of the beauty World snapped some up. I picked up a few items, in particular the High Adherence silicone primer. I wanted to give … Continue reading High adherence silicone primer


Makeup gallery £1 makeup range

If your like me and love a good poundland rummage, then you would have noticed their makeup brand in stores. When they first released this I did purchase a few items and was pleasantly surprised. Their eyeshadow, blushers, face powder and eyebrow pencils are pretty amazing to be honest. I did try a few other bits but … Continue reading Makeup gallery £1 makeup range

Is it Total cover?

I've gone from a no foundation type of person to someone that owns a fair few. I get so excited when I see new foundations being released, especially drugstore/high street brand ones. I'm more of a natural finish gal but I do love a good full coverage one for them rare nights out. I do have … Continue reading Is it Total cover?