L’Oréal Skin Perfection Miracle cleansing Oil

Check me out two posts in one day….. the benefits of having a day off and a poorly child.

I’m normally rather positive about products but every so often you get one that you just can’t be positive about, this one is just that. Which I’m surprised at as everyone knows my love for the L’oreal clay masks. So when I saw this a while ago, on paper this sounded amazing and perfect for my skin type. WRONG.

On first use I was impressed, the formula is lovely and really felt hydrating as I was massaging it in. I had no instant problem with it other than my eyes felt uncomfortable, but I do have super sensitive eyes so I thought I’d poked myself too much in the eye with it. The next day however my skin felt irritated and my eyes were a little sore still. I didn’t immediately think it was the cleanser, so used again that evening. Safe to say I quickly realised it was the cleanser, I was really struggling to open my eyes and my skin was very red (redder than normal). Stupid me though as I thought that it might just be my eyes that doesn’t like it so I thought if I try it one more time but AVOID my eyes it would be okay….. WRONG. So of cause I stopped using and I’m gutted. As on paper a oil cleanser is perfect for my dry skin. It claims to instantly dissolve even water proof makeup and rebalances for healthy looking skin. This did neither for me, my mascara did not dissolve nor really come off and my skin certainly didn’t look healthier. My skin felt tight, itchy, blotchy and super dry! Plus my eyes were hard to open and my hands delevoped a rash too! 

Scary picture alert 🚨 

I know a few people that really like this product and have no issues with it. My skin is clearly just very sensitive to it. I also can’t find this product anywhere now (online) but I did find a product that is very similar so maybe its been re named to the extraordinary cleansing oil???

If you have really sensitive skin and eyes then this isn’t for you, I would avoid just incase. Which is a shame as I do love there other skincare products and never had any problems with them before.

Take care you beautiful lot xoxo


2 thoughts on “L’Oréal Skin Perfection Miracle cleansing Oil

  1. metababycow says:

    I love this cleanser – but it does make my eyes sting a bit too! I recommend you try The Face Shop Bright Rice Water Cleansing Oil – it’s very gentle but breaks up makeup really well too. I got mine on Amazon 😊

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