Morphe palette replica any good?

Happy Sunday guys,

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that a couple of weeks ago I received something beautiful in the post. This beautiful palette is identical to the Morphe 35F but its a replica. Now let me tell you something I have never seen a replica this good! If you want to see this palette in play and see what its like, then head on over to my YouTube channel ‘Bekahs Crazy World’. I have filmed a first impressions using this palette and boy was I impressed.

So as promised a full blog post on where this little gem is from. A while ago through a fellow awesome blogger ‘Metababycow’ I noticed all these goodies she was getting and of course I needed to know more. So after telling me about this app I couldn’t wait to check it out. What app I hear you say? Ali Express!

After looking at it for hours I was a little iffy on ordering “fake” makeup. As I’m sure we’ve all seen and heard all the horror stories, surrounding the chemicals etc that they place in them. Seeing as she has order a few things I was curious and my eyes were mainly draw to the Morphe looking palettes. Now I am a lover of these palettes and own a few but living in the UK has some issues with US based companies. Shipping and custom chargers. Them affordable US brands become rather pricy to us UKers. So I wanted to see if these are any good, to save on some pennies.

I used the seller ‘Beauty at all age’ there was a choice of palettes, ideally I should have gone for a palette I already own to compare, but I wanted a new one haha. I went for the 35F. I paid £11.36 for this palette, it was FREE shipping and NO CUSTOM CHARGES…… WINNING! and it was quick to arrive, I was super excited to check it out.

The quality of the shadow are identical to the original formula, the packaging is the same minus the brand name on the front. There was no chemical smell, in fact it smelt the same as the original brand. Upon looking at the Morphe site this palette and the original palette are identical. They swatch like a dream (I’ve added a few just to show you). You get 6 matte shades then the rest are a mix of really shimmery shades and satin ones. 2 of my pans did brake which I was gutted at but hey ho that’s the gamble from buying things online.

I am by no means telling or promoting “fake” makeup, that is smething we all do at our own risk. This time it paid off for me, I have super sensitive eyes and my eyes are fine. As I said in my video, its like someone robbed the orginal palette out of the warehouse, put it in plain packaging and is selling it haha. So far my over all impression of the site is good but you need to be careful. I have order some Korean skincare from here too which has only just started to arrive…. so the quick delievery isn’t with everything. I have also purchased another product that I have the orginal of which I’m going to test out once it arrives.

Could this be a new addiction……. YES!!! I’m going to order some more bits that I already own the originals to, so I can compare the two. Would this be something you guys would like to see more of?

Have a fab day you beautiful lot xoxo



6 thoughts on “Morphe palette replica any good?

  1. Sara says:

    One of my lecturer from University also told me about Ali Express and she told me the replica stuff works amazing because she has both the original and replicas of some products. She even told me that the replica lime crime lipsticks work amazing as well. I still need to try them for myself.

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  2. Nori says:

    How many matte shades are there? Can you do a full swatch? The colour combo seems interesting. I’m still contemplating on buying it, I’m really scared that it’ll shatter during shipping…


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