BioNike Defence Tolerance Cleansing Water

Only me with another cheeky little review for you. I’ve had this in my sample draw for a while as I was unsure as to what it was and how to use. That and I just kept on picking up other things to use and try.
So my New Years resolution is to use the products I have, as I have A LOT, this was the perfect opportunity to grab this out and look into it. I’ve never heard of this company so was interesting to find out it’s an Italian based company that provides quality skincare lead by pharmacists. The ingredients are researched and developed without preservatives, fragrances and gluten to provide skincare products to people with sensitive, allergic and reactive skin. They have a wide range of products suited to everyone’s needs. The website is really interesting.

So I was sent this via a beauty box ages ago and on paper this matched me perfectly. The Defence Tolerance Essential Cleansing Water is aimed at hypersensitive and intolerant skin, perfect for me. This cleanses and removes makeup from the face and eyes.

How I used and How I found it. 

So I would use this to remove my makeup at night by massaging into dry skin, it’s very gently on the eyes and didn’t cause any irritation. The consistency is like thick water and you don’t need a great deal. I would then use a cotton pad to remove the product, then splash/rinse my face with water after too. On my first use my skin felt clean and really soft, but I didn’t have any makeup on. I tried with makeup on and it worked really well, although with one of my mascaras I did have to use an extra eye makeup remover, but overall I was pleased with how gentle this product is.

This retails for around £9.50 for 200ml which is good. Especially if you have problem with sensitive skin, this is definitely worth it. The best place I’ve found to buy this is from

I really like this product and it’s definitely on my think about list for a makeup remover as it was effective and gentle on my super sensitive eyes. I did notice my redness calm down too! This 15 ml bottle lasted 1 week with me using day & night and I instantly saw some results. Defo worth a check out



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