Am I crazy to track my children 

Hello and happy Mummy Monday. Today my post is all about these tracker watches that are all over the internet. Are they any good and is it completely nuts to want to track your children.

I brought one of these about a year ago for my eldest children (then in year 6), to give her a little bit of independence while out playing in front of our home and on holiday. Not being very techno minded, this was so easy to set up. I got it in her favourite colour to make it more appealing to her to want to wear. Now I am that paranoid parent who is constantly thinking something bad is going to happen to my children. I remember being a kid running free, no set time to come in and trekking through woods playing army camps. Would I allow my children to do the same? sad, but no! Its sad that in todays world we cant allow our children to be children,  unless we are supervising them.

We live in a quite col-de-sac with a park opposite our house, we are very lucky, but that doesn’t stop me worry especially when they are now wanting to build camps in the garaged area around the corner. I felt like the bad and only parent that wouldn’t let them do this, so I thought that maybe these watches would help? They are pretty awesome and really easy to use and look just like a normal watch. There are a few different function and you can track them on your phone, set up a perimeter that will alarm you if they go out of. There is a discreet little SOS button on the side, which alerts you. Plus it alerts you if the watch is removed from their wrist! The sound quality on the calling function is surprising clear.

Now the biggest one is in secondary and we’ll be approaching that can I go out with my friends phase soon. I feel more comfortable her wearing one of these then just having a mobile phone. Now the middle one is in year 6, I will be for sure purchasing another one of these soon. Don’t get me wrong just because they have these means I’m letting them trekking through woods haha, but it gives me that piece of mind that I can track them and can be quickly alerted if something was to happen. They can be a little pricey and there are many on the market but I recommend this one purely because we have it and its easy to use and affordable. I got this from eBay/amazon for £15 new from China. Bargain. As I’ve been researching these and they were so pricey. They work well, I’ve had no problems and so easy to use. If tracking my children makes me a weirdo or nuts…. so be it =) I’ve got peace of mind for my over active mind.

Enjoy your week x


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