Am I a bad mum?! 

Good morning and happy mummy Monday. I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend.

Our weekend was okay. The youngest one had to skip rugby Saturday, due to illness (thankfully she’s okay now), I went to work leaving the hubby to deal with the day to day doings – all in all a good Saturday. 

Sunday on the other hand was a little deflated. Now I love me a good roast and had all week been thinking about it and what I was going to do, beef. Saturday, I was all like yep, get to the shops early on Sunday and get everything, boosh. Yea, that didn’t happen. So the hubby went to a extra long cycling thingy at the gym, the littest one was snotty and it all dawn on me that it was 6 months since the passing of my amazing father.

Safe to say all my dreams of a roast slowly started to disappear. As the hubbys footy team were playing, so there was no hope in him doing one. I still desperately wanted a roast and thought ‘they do them tin ones’! I’m normally a home cooked gal and feel really guilty for giving the munchkins frozen goodies. I get this feeling of being a bad mummy! But you know what! It doesn’t, It’s food at the end of the day. It gave me more time to snuggle the snotty 4 year old, not sure who wanted the snuggles more, and more time for me to just be with my thoughts of my dearest dad.

I’ve never done a full roast from packets etc….. and do you know what; it was blinking delicious. I was impressed and shocked at how good it all was. I definitely wasn’t disappointed and felt like I’d had a good roast. Plus after eating that I most certainly did not feel like a bad mum at all! All full happy tummys, WINNER! I did tweak a few items (couldn’t help myself). Will I do it again, errrrrrr YES! Even the hubby could pull this off when I’m working my Sundays.

Sometimes life gets in the way and you know what…. who cares where it came from, man that was good.


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