H&M skincare

I hope we are all well? As you know I did a H&M haul a while back and reviewed the makeup I brought….. well now the time to tell you my thoughts on 6 of the masked I brought. It’s taken a while, I know, but I wanted to really test them all out before I reviewed them. So over the last few months that’s what I’ve been doing. 


Before I go into each mask can we take a moment to talk about the packaging…. I am totally in love. How cute, sleek and convenient they are. I love the pod packaging, I love how you can pop them in a bowl/basket then dip into it when you need a skin pamper pick me up. I will say some really surprised me and some disappointed me. They are really affordable at £1.99 each and you get at least 2 applications in each pod (you could possibly get 3 out of some of them). They sort perfectly once opened too, I don’t take the lid all the way off. That way it sort of seals back up after opened and it keeps well. I just pop it back on my shelve and grab again when I need, with no problems.

Tea Tree peeling mask for blemish prone skin

A rich cleansing mask with tea tree oil that helps ease irritation and leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

I love a good peel off mask and anything with tea tree in. While on it felt tingly but that refreshing tingly feeling, you can feel it getting into the pore and really cleaning them especially when your peeling it off. I mean who doesn’t love peeling off their masks?! Simply apply a thin layer over face then sit back and relax till dry and ready to peel.

It left my skin feeling clean, smooth and really refreshed. Not to mention my skin looked a lot calmer too. I will defo be repurchasing this and recommend it to all, it’s not just for oily skin.

Pomegranate and mango pore clearing mask for tired skin

This creamy mask with juicy raspberry, mango and pomegranate will cleanse blocked pores and leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth.

This is a cream mask that sets hard like a clay. At first I thought I might have to take it off as the first minute it was a little uncomfortable but that soon stopped, on the plus side I loved the smell of this mask. My face wasn’t red after use, looked fresh and again my skin felt smooth (I didn’t use an exfoliator before hand like I would normally do before a mask). Would I use again? Yes, I like how soft my skin feels after.

Argan oil and rosehip oil

After a stressful few days my skin was really dry and super tight, so what better time to crack this out and test out. On its first impression, it smells amazing, very spa like. As it sets it sinks into your skin, like a moisturiser, while on it felt nice no really amazing magic while it was setting. Once removed my skin felt super soft and just what it said it should do….. my skin felt hydrated =) this was a big winner.



Coconut water for dry skin

Now on paper this is my cuppa tea (even though I don’t drink tea) this sounded amazing but on first impressions it was not great! When I first applied, my skin felt irritated and my eyes began to water due to them stinging ! After a minute or two it all started to ease off. Weird as out of them all, this would have been my favourite one, on paper, but it really wasn’t. My skin didn’t feel moisturised after, it felt drier in fact! I have sensitive skin but you would think this one would be most suited for my skin type….. hello, coconut water with shea and cocoa butter! Nope not one bit! Gutted! So as these pots give you 2 applications, I thought I’d test this one out a good week after use to see if was a one off!? Nope still stung and made my eyes water! Will not be repurchasing this one.

Bearberry and white daisy 

Sorry guys but this one was also a let down! This again is targeted at dry skin, while it smells amazing and it’s creamy. This also really irritated my skin and left it feeling no different, apart from a little red.





Charcoal and volcanic soil for blemish skin

This one is great for blemish skin and left my skin feeling really refreshed and clean. You can see the impurities being drawn out while it’s on. Although I don’t really have very blemished skin, only the odd one or two every now-and-then, this calmed the redness down. This also softens the skin making it easier to extract blackheads (sorry TMI).

Over all I’m impressed with the 6 I’ve tried. There are some I will be grabbing again and recommending, then others I won’t be. Great value, easy to use and a wide range to suit all.

Enjoy your Friday xoxo


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