December Empties

Hello my beauts, I didn’t realise how may Empties I have for December 😳 wowers! Defo go grab a tea and a snack for this one. 

Hair care

I have a good selection of hair care this month. These aren’t all mine though haha I’ve added in my daughters Empties in here too. 

Garnier Ultimate blends delicate oats shampoo and conditioner. 

Loads to say about this but firstly these are my eldest daughters and we’ve been loving them. We have finally found a combo that works for her. We have tried so many products, expensive & affordable and these by far are our winners. This has been repurchased! My eldest one has a sensitive scalp, like me. She’s blonde and has super thick hair. We found this really did soothe her scalp (I also had a try, so soothing), left her hair blonder, shiny and so soft. As it’s made from rice cream & oat milk this really is one for those who are sensitive. The bonus with this one it doesn’t have a horrid smell nor left your hair with a weird greasy coating. So affordable and defo recommend. 

Osmo silverising shampoo and conditioner 

Since having my hair platinum blonde, silver and grey. This really is worth asking your hairdresser about or getting from the retailer. This is the best silverising duo I’ve ever tried. This keeps the colour strong all while leaving your hair shiny and soft. Plus it lasts ages! I’ve already repurchased. 

Aussie miracle moist conditioner 

This is a family fav amongst my girls. This is the conditioner I use on my 4 year daughter. Because she has curly long hair, it matts quick and can sometimes become WILD! This softens her curls, detangles her hair making my life much easier while brushing it. Those with children will totally understand my struggle. This is normally a repurchased item but I have opted to try a more affordable one. Will let you know how we get on. But I do recommend this one always! 

Girlz only dry shampoo for blondes

This wouldn’t be my Empties without at least one bottle of dry shampoo haha. I wanted to branch out and try a different brand so reached for this one while shopping. It was cheaper than my normal choice so wanted to give it a whirl. Did it work???? Yes! Would I buy again??? Only if I was saving money. It works well but the fumes I found a bit much, it’s a real heavy spray but I recommend if your looking for a cheaper alternative to the more well known brands. 

Milk_shake incredible milk 

Holy grail item right here! Not only does this smell like a delicious milkshake, it’s amazing for all hair types with so many different benefits! 12 in fact! I use this on my haired colour to keep it healthy, it’s great for detangling hair, it’s great on fine hair & curly hair. This is used on both my girls for different reasons. It’s just a hair care must have for us and is always repurchased….. well worth it! 

Beauty protector oil 

I think this was also in my last Empties. I’m currently using my third bottle as we speak. I really like this oil and have enjoyed trying it out. Smells lush too 💗

Number 4 lumiere d’hiver reconstructing masque

So this sample was used by the 4 year old….. we had to pull out the big guns after she decided over Christmas to get a toffee stick in her hair! Yep a toffee in long curly hair 😳 wasn’t fun times but thankfully due to my huge sample/tester collection, I found this that was sent in a beauty box. This worked a treat it dematting her mop without harming her hair, it left her hair the silkies its ever been! If I get the chance to purchase this I will be for sure! As this wasn’t the first hair issue with this child and I’m sure it won’t be the last! 


December was a good skincare month! I had fun testing out new products, which my skin loved! 
Primark PS Argan facial cleansing wipes

Another constant empty product. These for me are the best face wipes for my skin type. I’m totally committed to them after trying so many different ones. Can’t beat £1 for 50 wipes! 

Avon clear skin pore penetrating scrub

Another holy grail constant repurchased product. This is used by me and my eldest one (who’s nearly 12). So gentle on the skin, affordable and really refreshes while evening out your skin. Can’t rave enough about this.

The body shop vitamin E face mist

Awwwww another fav of mine. I recommend this to everyone and their dog (Not actually for their dog but you get me)! In the summer months I normally have this in my handbag. This gives your skin a burst of moisture which is normally needed more in the summer. I’m trying to use up products to make room for newbies to try. I will repurchase this in the summer for sure but for now I’m testing out other brands. 

Pixie Glow Tonic

I did do a mini review on this. I enjoyed using it, works well but for the price I’m not too sure wether I’m that committed. I’ve seen dupes out there so going to buy full size of this and a dupe to compare, as this 15ml bottle didn’t 100% sell me it as I didn’t get a long use out of it. But as I said was nice and luxurious, but didn’t see a massive benefit on my skin.

Kore pearl revitalising toner

Again, I blogged about this set I received. This 15ml sample lasted me ages! I’m defo going to be treating or asking for this as a gift….. maybe for Mother’s Day. This was so good and left my skin feeling amazing. This is worth the price tag! 

Bare minerals Skinlongevity serum 

These were fab! Again I’ve already done a mini review over on Instagram. I enjoyed testing these out. Serum is something I love using on my dry skin and defo helps if you find a good one. I will admit I do have a more affordable favourite I love more than this, but if you like more luxurious skincare than I recommend this for sure. I would repurchase this at some point I think, but I’m not running out to get. 

Wild about beauty rose water serum

Yea ermmmmm I wanted to love this as a holy grail just by the brand founder and name of the serum. But it was just okay, not skin changing nor order in bulk! Was nice and pleasant to use but I was a tad disappointed as I didn’t find that it illuminated my skin at all 😞 but as I said was nice to use and was happy I was sent via a beauty box but I won’t be repurchasing it I’m afraid. 

Arbonne FC5 hydrating eye cream

This is my go to eye cream when my eyes are dry or irritated. This adds so much moisture back into your skin, leaving your undereyes so soft and a perfect base to apply concealer over. This is a repurchased product and very recommended. 

Body care 

The body shop shea body butter

I’m a big body butter fan for the winter time as my skin gets super dry. These give your skin moisture that lasts until your next application, plus the choices of scents are amazing. I love these one for the autumn/winter time. I do rephurcase these all the time and have a nice stock of different ones. 

The body shop wild Argan oil solid oil 

These are fab for travelling with and my holy grail shaving product! I love using this range after/during hair removal. I love to apply this afterwards to soothe my skin and it leaves my legs extra silky smooth. 

Sanex dermo sensitive roll on

I have sensitive skin that irritates quick. This is one of the only roll ons I can use and have been using for years and will continue to use again and again. It’s super affordable. It leaves my underarms soft too. 

Alexander McQueen bloom at night eau de perfume. 

I have a chest full of these samples from magazines so I’ve finally started using them. Starting with this one, I really like this as it’s super girly and smells very luxurious too. These are great for testing scents on yourself seeing how they last and smell on you. This one was a winning and on my wish list. 


Benefit the porefessional primer

Another holy grail product. This has lasted me ages and it’s one that I always repurchase. It doesn’t matter how many dupes I’ve found, this is still my favourite. This is one I reach for on a night out and is good at filling in pores without clogging them. Love love love this. 

Makeup revolution the viper mascara

For a super affordable mascara this is awesome. I wasn’t sold at first but I’m now a lover of this one. I defo recommend for the younger ones starting with makeup as it’s really good but super pocket money affordable. It’s really black too! 

Makeup revolution pro hygiene brush cleaner

Can’t recommend this enough. It’s awesome and works with all my brushes. I’ve never had any issues with this nor has it ruined any of my brushes, even the higher end ones. It’s very effective and affordable plus it lasts AGES! Perfect for them unbetween deep cleanses and it’s fine to use daily on your brushes. 

Home goodies 

Lily-flame Snow fall 

I’m a massive fan of these candles for how they smell in the jar/tins as well as around your home. This was a perfect winter smell and left my home smelling inviting and cosy. These make perfect gifts! 

Lily-Flame Spooki 

I would happily burn this scent all year round! Oh my candle goodness this was amazing! I had this during autumn but was so in love with it I had to get again! I’m trying to source more Spooki candles as I need these all year round 💗

Avon lavender & chamomile scented spritz 

Now I’ve been using these for years! I’m not a fan of areosole room sprays really for many reasons. These from Avon come in a range of scents and are fab for your bathroom. I use these on my curtains and in my airing cupboard too. Super affordable, last ages, gets rid of nasty smells….. husbands included haha and the scent lingers for ages too. 

So guys that was my super mammoth Empties for December. I hope you enjoyed and maybe found some newbies for yourself or your family to try xoxo


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