New Years exhaustion 

Good morning, happy New Year and happy Mummy Monday.

While I write this I’m met with a constant “mum, mum, mum” or a dog in my face. This is the reality I lead when not working, I wouldn’t change a thing and don’t moan, but boy it’s days like today where I’d love to sleep all day. Nope I wasn’t out drinking the New Years away, I was the opposite side. While most people spend New Years with friends & loved ones celebrating, ours is always very different. 

I normally do a bar shift New Years  Eve and my husband normally works (in the emergency services) New Years Day. This year I thought it was a clever idea to do a full working day New Years Eve (8-3:30) pop home for a shower and grub to then get to the golf club (6:30-2)

Stupid! As you can imagine, by the end of the night I was struggling to stand lol and then come morning when all I wanted was to sleep…. husband “quietly” exits house at 7am, in comes our 2 year old dog jumping on me, shortly followed by a 4 year old child. I truly felt like I’d been out drinking all night 😳  but of course the pup & child don’t care or understand. 

It’s cool I thought, duvet day I’ll grab a nap!!! Yea although this was the case no naps were had. As the constant needing of drinks, playing, the dog freaking out over fireworks and cats, shouting and let’s not forget the “mum mum mum mum”. I swear my 4 year old just likes saying it, as it doesn’t matter how many time I answer, she keeps on saying it! That’s the moment you convince yourself you do speak an alien language to your children. We’ve had melts downs over touched teddy bears, the mishearing of what I’ve said yes to (again alien language as she clearly heard No lol). 

Although it has been a lovely day on the sofa doing nothing (which is a rare occurrence) life as a parent isn’t always easy and you make these sacrifices to prove and show your children, working hard pays off. So my house looks like a war zone, the dog didn’t get her walk, the 4 year old only had 1 piece of fruit that day and a Chinese for dinner, we didn’t get dressed but hey That’s the reality sometimes of an exhausted Mummy. 

Me, tired????? Noooooooo

But on the bright side I get 3 days off, WINNING! I hope 2017 is kind to you all and brings you new adventures x


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