Am I crazy to track my children 

Hello and happy Mummy Monday. Today my post is all about these tracker watches that are all over the internet. Are they any good and is it completely nuts to want to track your children. I brought one of these about a year ago for my eldest children (then in year 6), to give her … Continue reading Am I crazy to track my children 


Am I a bad mum?! 

Good morning and happy mummy Monday. I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Our weekend was okay. The youngest one had to skip rugby Saturday, due to illness (thankfully she's okay now), I went to work leaving the hubby to deal with the day to day doings - all in all a good Saturday.  … Continue reading Am I a bad mum?! 

H&M skincare

Helllloooos, I hope we are all well? As you know I did a H&M haul a while back and reviewed the makeup I brought..... well now the time to tell you my thoughts on 6 of the masked I brought. It's taken a while, I know, but I wanted to really test them all out … Continue reading H&M skincare