Is YouTube dangerous?

Hello guys 

I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas/holiday season. Sorry to poop on your Christmas parade but I felt this Mummy post was needed. So it occurred to me recently that my children like to watch YouTube, more than they would like to watch a program or movie sometimes. What they watch is monitored via my own YouTube channel and thankful nothing too weird or dangerous has been viewed, Barr the odd pooping toy. 

I was recently directed to a UK mums advise page, where I came across something worrying, that I truly can not believe people are making. There are YouTube channels deadicated to making sick twisted videos using children’s characters in a cartoon form. Showing bad volience and sexual exploitation, these channels claim to be happy nursery rhyme videos/channel but are far from it. 

Which leads me to thinking, is YouTube dangerous? Well yes if not monitored. As I know my little one (4) loves watching the nursery rhyme videos which has cartoon characters in, thankfully for us not these nasty one. But as a parent, if we aren’t sat with them and all we can hear is nursery rhymes, we aren’t going to think anything bad. So why would we check?! 

Don’t get me wrong I’m a YouTube addict lol but this is the problem when any old tom, dick or harry can sign up. I was shocked by what I saw and the amount of followers they had. I’m not sure how aware people are about these channels but if you young ones watch YouTube please check and report. 

It’s sad that this is happening when mostly YouTube is a fun place. But just reminds you about the dangers of the internet and the world! 

We hope you have a good day x

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