Bubble clay mask 

Good morning my lovelies, I thought I’d give you a mini review on this product. It’s the Bioaqua carbonated bubble clay mask. 

Now I’ve seen this doing the rounds on YouTube and I’m not going to lie it looked fun, plus it’s got some good reviews. So of course I had to purchase to test this out, before I go on let’s talk about its benefits. 

It contains a variety of plant components; pomegranate, green tea, aloe, soybeans and other natural extracts, without any chemical additives (the weirdest ingredient is hydrolysis placenta pig proteins). The purpose of the bubbles is it’s meant to suck the skin pores deep, to remove dirt and excess oil all while moisturising and nourishing the skin. It does say if you have sensitive skin, to be careful. 

Here’s my thoughts.

So after cleansing my skin I applied a thin layer to my face….

I thought I’d capture the process better on a little video so you can see what the process looks like and my reaction. At first I wasn’t sure as it just felt like a million ants were on my face haha after about 5-8 minutes I had to rinse it off because I didn’t like the feel anymore and my cheeks started to feel a little warm. 

But like magic after washing off my skin felt better, it’s wasn’t red at all and my skin felt super soft and moisturised. I was rather surprised as at first when I applied I wasn’t sure but despite the weird feeling it does work. 

I don’t have bad skin anyway  but my skin looked more evened out and looked really fresh. It’s says sensitive skin be careful, I have sensitive skin and like I said it did start to feel warming. But didn’t leave me irritated or red looking so I’m guessing 5 minutes is good enough for sensitive skin. 

Overall I’m happy with how this has left my skin, I will defo use again. Would I recommend, yes. It is fun to use and would be great for teenage acne prone skin. 

Hoe you have a good day xoxo 


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