Christmas is coming

I get so excited for Christmas, I’m such a big kid. I just love the jolly festive season and everything that comes with it. It definitely gets more magically once you become a mother, not only do you love Christmas because it’s Christmas, you get to make your children smile with the magic that is Christmas. 

Like many other houses in the U.K., we are adopting the elf on the shelve from across the pond. This excites me so much (I’m doing a little Christmas jig), we here love our yearly visit from one of santas elfs. 

This year is bitter sweet because my nearly 12 year old is keeping the spirit alive for her younger siblings, but I think she’s worked out that santa has many adult helpers. Then we have the youngest munchkin, who’s 4, Christmas is becoming more magical now because she gets who santa is and what Christmas is all about. I’m so excited that the biggest one is carrying on the magic for them and maybe I can get her Crazy input to entertain our elf…… because rummer has it that this year we are getting TWO!!! 

Yep, not 1 Crazy elf but 2! I can already sense the trouble they will cause and the fun to be had. They have already been left a clue that ‘Jack’, last years elf, is coming back to stay with us. So we are asking you to join our Crazy 2016 elf journey and post all your elf antics over on our facebook page Bekah’s Crazy World elf antics please like, add and share with friends, As if your like me I love all the elf goings on.

This was one of my favourite thing out jack did last year

Happy Monday guys and see you soon 


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