Primark makeup brushes

Good morning, good morning =) 

Hope we are all well and having a fab filled week. So I posted on my instagram a week ago, about these brushes I picked up from primark. I picked up some single brushes, a brush set and some mini beauty sponges. I’m really into affordable good quality beauty products at the moment and have been on a mission to find loads to share with you all. 

Are these what I’ve been looking for to share with you all? 

YES! These are flipping awesome! I’m a massive fan of real techniques brushes but really wanted to step back from all the hyped products, to bring you more affordable products. Especially as I have a big following of younger teens. I want to show everyone that there are great non talked about items on the market, that are just as good. Everything I brought came to £9.50! That’s 8 products for under £10. These would make lovely little gifts for any makeup lover, especially those younger ones starting out.

3pk contour brush set

So in the 3 piece set which costs £5, you get:

  • Highlighting brush
  • Angled contour brush
  • Blending blush 

The brushes are soft, great quality and can be used in all sorts of ways. The design is very sleek and not cheap looking, they blend product out smoothly and evenly…..In love with them.

Single contour brush

This brush is a great dupe for a bare minerals brush they brought out to go along side the invisible light finishing powder duo and at a lot less! This brush will cost you £1.50 where as the bare minerals one is £20. You have two brushes in one as you have a more fluffy side (black) for powders to set or to apply blush. Then the more dense side (white) is perfect for highlighting with or cream/liquid products. I’m very impressed with this brush!

Eye contour brush

This little gem will set you back a whole pound…. that’s right £1 for this awesome blending brush. With its super fluffy bristles it makes this brush perfect for blending out eye shadows especially in the crease. Definitely going back to purchase a few more of these. Makes blending your shadows less painful. 

Now these super cute little beauts are a game changer for sure! Now I’m a MASSIVE fan of beauty sponges and I’m always on the look out for beauty blender dupes, as you all know beauty blenders are awesome but rather pricey. You may or may not know that a while ago the beauty blender company came out with mini blenders, which are meant for the harder to reach areas to blend out. So are these any good? HECK YEA I’m totally amazing at how good! For £2 you get 3 sponges, I’m particularly in love with the pink funny shaped one. This is perfect for blending out concealed under your eyes and highlighting with. These are definitely in there with my new fav items. 

All you do is wet them and they double/triple in size. Then bobs your uncle they are ready to help you achieve a flawless base 💗 not bad for £2 and they’re latex free! 

I’m so excited and impressed with these that of course I’ll be off to get more. As I’m now intrigued to see if the other type of brushes they have are any good. If you have tried any other ones I’d love to hear. Let’s get these around and well known and change people’s minds of ‘cheap’ or high street makeup 

Take care guys and I’ll see you soon xoxo

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