One heck of a blot primer review

Good morning again beautiful peeps, I’m on fire this week. Life is slowly getting back to some sort of balance, so I’m taking full advantage and doing what I love….. blogging about beauty and all things inbetween. 

This is one though that I’ve been putting off, as I hate being negative. After hearing so many people rave about this product, of course I went out and got it straight away. Only to feel disappointed….. gutted. 

So this primer feels okay to the touch and does elimate shine, there’s no real scent which is nice. But for me I didn’t notice any of the other things it claims to do, like reduce the appearance of redness, made my makeup last longer or instantly diminish the apperance of pores. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m more on the dry side than the oily side? I did only use this primer here I get oily….. and still nothing. Not only was I disappointed with how this performed, this product broke me out!! 

Sorry for the scary mug shot but here’s so you can see a before and after. As you can see on my before I’m shiny in my T-Zone and have redness all over. The one big positive from this is in my after shot there’s no shine! So if you have a really issue with shine & excuss oil then this is really good. Redness isn’t reduced and I didn’t notice my makeup apply any differently or smoother. 

Thinking it was a one off, as I did use this at that time of the month. I waited and tried it out again, and again, waited and then tried again over a few months. Each time I broke out! I have no idea why this has happened! I haven’t heard anyone else have problems with this primer but for me it’s not a winner, gutted. This retails at £10.00 from Boots I think I might have to pass this on so shall be popping on my Depop I think. If you are really oily than maybe this is for you? But maybe if your combo but more on the dry side, maybe stay away?! 
Enjoy your day xoxo


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