Kore Skincare Review

Hello you lovely lot =) I hope everyone’s well? So I was sent this little skincare set ages ago through a beauty box subscription (sorry I can’t remember which one). I’ve only recently gotten around to testing it out and boy was I happy. 

About Kore Skincare

Kore is an Australian made Skincare range which focus on producing natural Skincare products. The awesome thing about Kore Skincare is it’s chemical & paraben free and NOT tested on animals. With their mix of natural antioxadive ingredients paired with modern science their Skincare products penetrate deep within the dermis. Perfect for helping your skin with signs of ageing. 

Kore is only sold in the UK through Kore Skincare UK which is a fab site by the way. It really tells you what’s in the products, why and the benefits their ingredient delivers. There are some fab tips on there too. 

So my review

I received three items: Kore foaming cleanser 10ml, Kore pearl gentle exfoliator 10ml & Kore pearl revitalising toner 15ml.

This little set was enough for 1 weeks worth of cleansing. I was gutted to not test out a moisturiser and I’ll tell you why at the end. So over a week I tested out these products, only, as my Skincare routine. 

Kore foaming cleanser

Suitable for all skin types “A light, creamy cleanser which gently foams as it cleanses the skin of impurities and makeup. Removes eye makeup easily and effectively as it glides smoothly around delicate eye tissue”

I started with this product to gently start my Skincare routine. It felt light and creamy on my skin leaving my skin feeling clean. It didn’t dry out my skin and removed my eye makeup really well, the scent is pleasant too. I love the fact that this cleanser has skin cell renewal properties and boosts the skins own defence mechanism. 

This retails at £27.00 for 120ml. Out of the three product this wasn’t my favourite but I did like it, especially using it as the trio. Would I buy? Properly not only because of the price. If I was going to treat myself to products from here it would be on the next product. But I do recommend this if your serious about what you place on your skin and are happy to spend the money. 

Kore pearl gentle exfoliator

Suitable fore all skin typesa light and finely granular exfoliating cream with a unique blend of nature’s own nutrient-rich milk proteins and the clinically proven formulation of repairing and rejuvenating active ingredients that work to reduce and prevent skin damage, producing a dewy, hydrated complexion. An exfoliator that cleanses the pores to purify the skin and remove impurities. Dirt, makeup, pollution and daily grime are exfoliated away”.

After using the foaming cleanser I went in with this little beaut. It’s recommended to use once or twice a week. But I used once a day and found that with my sensitive skin it was fine and I loved how clean my skin felt. You could really feel the difference from using this to other products. I was blown away after the first use of this product and could feel a difference straight away with how clean my skin felt. I noticed my skin felt smoother, looked fresh and reduced my redness too. 

This retails at £29.00 for 120ml. Now this I would buy and recommend as a great treat for your skin. Adding this into your weekly facial pamper would improve your skin so much. In one week my skin felt so much better and I was so impressed with my results. The scent is okay, not much to it. It’s jammed packed with amazing ingredients to really help your skin and boy could I tell. 

Kore pearl revitalising toner 

Suitable for all skin typesclear in colour, this product comes in a pump pack. Revitalising toner is a refreshing aqueous liquid ready for direct application to the skin. A nourishing blend of natural fruit acid (AHA’s) gently exfoliate the skin without causing irritation. It contains cooling aloe Vera, potent peptides, naturally occurring amino acids and oat beta glucan, that moisturises and penetrates deep within”.

I used this after cleansing, I would simply spritz this over my face and allow to dry into my skin. Although it recommends you apply to a cotton pad and wipe over the skin. I found I preferred to spray directly to my skin. This smells heavenly and really up lifts you. After all three my skin felt hydrated and like a babies bum haha. I really loved how these products work and how they left my skin. I was seriously gutted at the end of the week that I’d used it all up, maybe I’ll add to my Christmas list? Or wait and treat myself soon! 

This retails at £26.00 for 150ml. I would very much recommend this product too. 

After trying all three I’m desperate to test a moisturiser from them. But that’s defo one for a treat or present. As these all left me wowing I can only imagine how the serums and creams work. 

Overall I’m impressed with this company and their products. If you like luxury Skincare that delivers what they claim then I very much Recommend. I do wish they do sample sizes you can purchase or a travel set. For me these products really delivered and straight away I noticed a different in my skin, with how it felt and looked. 

Enjoy your day =) and I’ll see you soon for another post xoxo


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