Avon product review part 2

Good morning peeps, so here is part 2 of my Avon haul and my reviews on each product. I hope you enjoyed part 1 =)

**little disclaimer again, all products you see I have purchased myself and was not sent. My opinions are all my own and not influenced**

Carrying on where I left off, with the face.

Glow bronzing powder in light bronze

Lessons have been learnt to not buy products from Avon and leave it a while (3months) to then blog about it. As of course I can no longer find the product on their website =\ so this is a product a loved, it’s a matte bronze so it’s great for contouring. This tone isn’t orange or muddy and this shade is lovely for my fair complexion. Blends out really well, doesn’t apply patchy and the texture is velvety. I’m gutted that its discontinued and I can’t really find another bronzer/contour product, Barr a new duo product.

Glow bronzing pearls in radiant glow

An Avon classic! And the first ever bronzing pearls I ever purchased when I was younger back in the day. I remembered loving these when I was like 14/15, but not so much now. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate them, they just don’t suit my skin tone at all. Its nice as a light blusher to give my cheeky a little glow and teamed with a matte bronze its not too bad. But using this as a bronzer, on me, didn’t work. I love how pretty these look in the pot with the different shades, they are lovely but not for paler people. They blend well and can be very pigmented. So be careful and use a light hand. They are normally £10, at the moment they are on offer for £6 (in brochure 17).


Perfect eyebrow kit in blonde

I totally recommend this! Its been a favourite of mine for some time now, everything about this I love. The formula of the powder is easy to work with, its pigmented, the shades are great and the little wax it great for setting down your brows. I love how natural it looks and the little mirror is a great bonus to do your brows in if your traveling. I originally had it in soft brown, which worked well (surprisingly) with my dark brows. In this haul I purchased it in blonde to soften the front of my brows. Normally retails for £7, but I only ever purchase it when its on offer for £3.50. Is it worth £7? I’m not sure. I do love it and recommend it but knowing there are other similar product out there that cost less than £7 I would go for them instead unless this was on offer.
Extralasting cream eyeshadow pot in gold gleam

Again, sorry, another discontinued product. Which to be honest isn’t a bad thing. I don’t think much to the product, its not very pigmented, its very slippery when applying and doesn’t set well. I’d like to maybe test some of the other cream pots as I do have some crayon stick shadows which I like. So maybe one for my list. This might work better as a highlight? I’m not sure if it’s just this colour that’s isn’t great or wether they are all like this from the lasting range. It did last but was very crackly.

Big & multiplied volume mascara

Really didn’t like this! It did nothing for my lashes…….. it claims to be there most innovative mascara for fanned out ‘look at me ‘ lashes. The brush is designed to separate your lashes, I found it did nothing for me. It felt like I had nothing on my lashes, they didn’t stand out at all. Now I have naturally long black lashes that don’t really need mascara, but when I do wear mascara they look fake. This was pants just felt let down seeing as it’s £8.50! If your looking for a Avon mascara with wow factor this isn’t it but their supershock mascara is.

This side with mascara.     No mascara

Supershock gel eyeliner pencil.

Love love love these! This shade here is in flash and I’m loving it for in my waterline as it really opens up your eyes to give you that fresh awake look. I do think though this colour is no longer available, but fear not. I originally had this in black and it’s the blackest eyeliner that lasts and doesn’t run (on me) Its my go to liner on a night out. Its made from 20% liquid gel which makes it easy to apply and work with. Its lovely to smoke out, perfect for the waterline and works well as a base for others shadows. This retails at £6 and in my eyes well worth it and have recommended it to loads of people.


True colour perfectly matte lipstick

Its this worth the hype? YES! I am obsessed with these!

Right lets do the run down from Avon. Its claims to be more matte than MAC, claims to be lasting and comfortable to wear with a no cracking look. Is this true? YES! Its amazing and so worth buying. It comes in 20 different shades, which are all lovely and Avon have been true to their word these bad boys last alllllll day long. They aren’t drying and I didn’t find that it cracks on wear. I love the packaging, they are lovely to apply and well worth their normal retail price of £8.00 (brochure 17 they are £5.50) if you love MAC lipstick then grab one or all of these for less. I have this is marvellous mocha and I’m in love, on me it’s that perfect 90’s nude lip  that I’m totally loving at the moment. 


Overall I do love Avon products and tend to order in most brochures. But I have found with makeup its very bitty and hit/miss some items I love and will repurchase and other I’m happy to give away. In the haul review there are defo some products that I’m sending my sisters way in the hope she’ll get better use out of them. One thing is that some of my bad experiences within this haul hasn’t put me off trying other ranges or products from their makeup range. Is there anything anyone recommends? Enjoy your day peeps xoxo

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