Avon product review part 1

Good morning fellow beauty lovers. It’s Friday and I’m weirdly excited about my weekend haha so before I get to away with myself I thought I’d finally write up my review on a load of Avon products I’ve purchased a while ago. 

*firstly a little disclaimer, all products you see I have purchased myself. None have been sent to me. my review is honest and my own*

So over a couple of week I have been trying all these products out and some I love, some I’m not too fussed and some I really don’t like.   So again grab a cuppa as this is a long post, which I am going to split into two separate posts over 2 days. Let’s get cracking with base products first.

Magix prime and set spray

Let me just say this is defo a loved product! This is a multi purpose product so you can use as a primer water (very much like the smashbox prime water) or you can use it to set your makeup and also use during the day to freshen up your makeup. I love that it’s infused with vitamin A & C. I’m a massive fan of this product from Avon, this product is a revamp of their setting spray. I’ve gone through like 3 of the previous spray and nearly 1/3 of the way through this bottle. I love it! Normally this retails at £6 for 125ml, which is well worth the price, I normally stock up when they have it on offer for £3! I do recommend this for everyone’s makeup kit as it’s a good dupe for the smashbox priming water at a faction of the price. 

Magix compact smoothing primer

About this product – it claims to hide pores, blurs lines and banishes shine for a airbrushed finish. It comes in a compact rather than a tube and has the same texture as the porefessional primer. Like the porefessional primer your meant to apply this with your fingertips and pat it into the skin. Now I’m on the fence with this product still, I don’t love it and I don’t hate it….. it’s just okay. You can wear under makeup or alone, I think it’s the compact form I’m unsure of. As it’s hard to get the product out, maybe if it was in a tube the product would perform better?! It retails for £10.00 for 10g it could be a good dupe for the porefessional but there are defo better cheaper dupes out there. I’ve not really noticed too much different when apply this, it does smooth the skin out and feels nice too.

Bright start fresh look foundation

I’m gonna spoil this and say I really don’t like this product! It’s super thick and it’s hard to blend out. I’ve tried applying this product so many different ways. With their sponge (i’ll get on to that next) with my beauty blender and with brushes. It just doesn’t apply nice at all. It claims to be moisturing, oil free and infused with vitamins to promote healthy looking skin. It’s also meant to be a light weight formula that gives you medium coverage. I found that it felt oily, didn’t set well or sit on my skin nice. It’s defo more full coverage and it didn’t feel lightweight to me. I’ve tried this foundation with Avon primers and other primers, but I still get the same result. I’ve never got on with Avon foundations which is a shame. For £10.00 you get 30ml and it comes in 4 different shades. 

Precision makeup sponge

Sorry guys but again another product I don’t like. So this looks like a beauty blender but isn’t anything like. It’s a non latex sponge that’s meant to blend out your foundation. I’ve tried it dry & wet and both ways it doesn’t work. It made my foundation patchy for £6.50 save your money. There’s not much I have to say about this product as I just done like it. 

Ideal flawless cream concealer

I’m not normally a cream concealer gal but I don’t dislike or love this product, it’s okay. It’s not too think and is very creamy. Coverage it good although you have to really set this! The fair shade is perfect for highlighting with. I’m gutted as I think this is discontinued as I can’t find it on their website at all. But if you can find it and it’s on offer I would grab just for the highlighting purpose of the product. 

Magix multi benefit illuminator

Again grrrrrr I can’t find this! See this is what happens when you wait ages to review them! I like this product and it pairs well with the cream concealer. It blends well with a sponge, finger or brush and really brightens the area you applied to. Gutted I can’t find it, but like most of the products that rotate and will be back, that or I’m just not looking right! 

So this is part 1 of my review, Keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow’s part 2. I’d love to hear from you guys about which foundation from Avon you love and which you think I’d enjoy, leave comments below. Enjoy your Friday xoxo 


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