L’Oréal Pure Clay Masks

Good morning to you all, 

I hope everyone is well and enjoying their week so far? Right this has been a while in the making (I’m so sorry) but better late than never with me I’m afraid haha. So grab a cuppa as this blog is a long one, as I’m going to go through the ins and outs of each mask.

I purchased these beauts when they were on offer in boots some time ago. I’d heard good things and when I saw them at £5 each well I had to get all three. What I like about these is they are perfect for multi-masking. Yep, if you can’t choose or have different problem areas you can pick which mask suit what area. If your unsure about which one is best for you, you can pick up these handle leaflets with little testing strips! Right let’s get cracking…..

Why are they called pure clay masks?

Each mask contains 3 pure clays plus an added different extracts to target the correct problem area. The three clays are: 

  • Koalin – a highly effective natural clay which is know to absorb impurities and excess sebum (oil).
  • Monthmollonite – rich in minerals, this clay is recognised for helping to eliminate imperfections. 
  • Ghassoul – a pure clay highly concentrated in minerals renowned to help clarify complexions. 

Purity Mask

Perfect for those with oily skin (I personally love to use this in my T-Zone), as it will purify and mattify the area. This is blended with eucalyptus extract which is know for its purifying properties. What I love about this mask is that it mattifies without drying your skin out. I’m a sucker for eucalyptus as I love how it leaves your skin feeling deeply cleansed plus it smells amazing.


Detox Mask

perfect for drawing out imperfections as it contains charcoal which acts like a magnet. Like the purity mask I like to use this in my T-Zone or in the areas I tend to get blemishes, mainly my chin area. I love how you can see all the impurities being drawn out while the mask is on, gross I know, but at least you know it’s working. 

Glow Mask

I think this is my favourite out of the three. This clay mask contains red algae extract, which is know for it brightening properties. This mask contains tiny beads too which helps to exfoliate the skin helping to brighten your complexion and improve skin texture. Another great one for all over or multi-masking with (my personal favourite purity). This really does make my skin look more awake and glowing. 

I like to apply my masks with a flat foundation brush as this gives you even coverage. Each mask can be left on for 5-10 minutes and used 2-3 times a week. You get 50ml which says 10 applications (you defo get more than 10). 

Here’s the best bit they normally retail at £7.99 each but Boots have them back at £5 each (as of 25th oct ’16). They are fine on my sensitive skin so a winner in my eyes. They are defo worth the full retail price but I would defo pick one or two at full price, but seeing as they’re £5 why not just get all 3. 

I love how each one leaves my skin and they don’t dry out my skin and I feel that they do as they say. I definitely recommend them. So why not grab them invite the girls round and have a little pamper. 

Enjoy your day peeps xoxo

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