Stripped & Bare by Makeup Revolution

Hello peeps, how are we? Right so I brought this ages ago and true to me, I popped it into my review draw. Of course I then forgot about it…… whoops. I’ve recently dug it out as my draw is over flowing so need to get me butt into gear. So for the last week or so I’ve been testing it out for you all to give you my honest review. 

Now everyone who knows me knows I’m a big fan of this brand, I’m obsessed with how awesome they are. This palette retails for £6! For 15 shadows! Firstly I’ll start with some swatches so you can see for yourself how pretty the colours are

Now some of the colours swatch completely different to the pan but that doesn’t stop the shadows being amazing. There are a few that aren’t as good as the others and there is the odd chalky textured ones, which gives you some fall out but the pigmentation is still good….. as you can see that black has pretty much covered my tattoo!!! 

To the touch they are buttery and smooth. I always like to apply my shadows over a primer or some set concealer, this just helps with blending, longevity and the colour showing up true. They blend really easily making them easy to work with. If you spray your brush with some fix plus or any face setting spray this enhances the pop of the shadow (especially the duo chrome ones). 

There are so many looks you can create with this palette from flirty girly looks to sexy smokey looks, simple to dramatic looks as well. Its so affordable and a couple of the shade can be used as a lovely cheek highlight, strip me/big tip. So a bonus.

Over all I liked the palette, it performs well. It’s not one of my take on holiday palettes, only because of a few of the shades don’t complement my skin tone. These always make lovely gifts too, with Christmas coming up why not pair with one of their eye primers and a couple of brushes. Will make the perfect starter gift for any budding makeup lover. 

It’s not my most fav palette from them but I still like it and will use as I do love a fair few of the shadows in here. 

Take care peeps and see you soon xoxo

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