Primark P.S love fashion nail review 

Good evening, 

I hope your all well and looking forward to the weekend ahead. If your off out or just want to pamper yourself, take a little read of this review of the P.S love fashion nails from primark. 

Now I love me a bargain but when I originally saw these I thought “a pound…..well they can’t be any good I’ll pass”, as some may know I’m a beauty therapist/nail tech So didn’t think much. Then I saw a fellow beauty blogger post a picture of them on and they looked really good. So yep, off I trekked to primark to pick some up. I also saw they did separate nail glue, so I picked up some of that too (especially for 60p for 2). 

I picked up four different sets, I mean for £1 I’m surprised I didn’t pickup more! I wanted to test them out with the glue they come with and the glue I brought. After deciding on which ones I preped my nails, picked out the correct sizes and went on to apply them. 

So before I tell you what I thought here’s some more information on them. So as you know the cost per pack is £1. In that pack you get a nail glue and 24 nails! That’s amazing, there’s a nail for every size even for my super small nails/hands. They is a fab selection of styles, colours and shapes. 

First impressions

  • Easy to apply.
  • Easy to file down if needs be
  • Great thickness, they aren’t bulky at all. 
  • Felt comfortable on

So I applied one hand with the 60p glue (right hand) and one with the glue provided (left hand). I picked out the ‘pointed shape’ in posh spice, which is a lovely nudey purple shade. I applied them on Thursday 25th August, I didn’t lose my first nail until the Sunday (on my right hand) I lost my second on the Monday (left hand). Then on the Tuesday night I lost a nail from each hand. Then by Wednesday (today) I lost another 2 so decided to remove them all. 

My thoughts 

Very impressed with the nails themselves and the glues! No damage was caused to my natural nails. I received loads of commitments on them and how natural they looked. People were shocked when I told them the price and where they were from. They are a great length too, as I personally like my nails long and these where perfect. I often find with other nails they just aren’t long enough. I’m super happy with everything about them, Especially as I’m always washing my hands through work and washing up! They were seriously put through the mill and lasted better than some expensive ones! 

After removal with clear polish on. 

I defo recommend these peeps. Xoxo 

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