Sharing your babies

Good morning and happy Mummy Monday. 

It’s come that time of year again where I’m packing my 2 older munchkins up and waving them off for a week. I hate doing it but it’s something I fought for, for them. I hate seeing them go but it is so important for them to spend time with both parents and that their father gets to spend some quality time with them. 

For me it’s so hard (as it is for most mothers) but I have seriously anxiety when it comes to my children, I’m such a control freak! Then add in the guilt of doing activities without them with my youngest one. I’m an emotional weak for that week (more so than normal haha). 

This is only the third time they are off to their dads for the week but the first time ever he is taking them on a holiday, only in the UK thankfully. So how does one “cope” without the crazy loons in the house? 

I fill my week with activities with my husband and our own crazy loon. I have a chat to myself and remember not to feel guilty as they are off having fun days out and in with their father and his girlfriend. Then when they get back I plan an awesome few days with them. So I’ve put together a little “mummy’s survival” list together to help with those blues when your separated. 

1. Give them a call once a day to let them know your thinking of them and to hear about their crazy adventures. This become funnier the older they get and have their own phone. And if you can’t phone them (or if you can)…….

2. Keep little journals, you have one and they have one. Get them to write about their day and list 3 happy memories a day and you do the same. This helps them to focus on positives too. 

3. Always remain positive about their time away to them on the lead up. Remember it might be hard for you but it’s hard for them too. 

4. Plan something special for when they return home. Be it a day out, special dinner or a movie night in all snuggled up. 

5. Sort their messy pits out. I give their rooms a good spring clean as that fills up a lot of time and also it’s a nice surprise for them when they return home. 

It’s hard, but it’s okay for them to have time away. Be it with their other parent, grandparent or other relatives. So pack them off with a smile and a big kiss and look forward to hearing all about their fun adventures. 

Enjoy your Monday peeps X 

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