Day 22 of my 22 day vegan challenge

Here it is my last day of this challenge. Have I missed meat? Not really no as I used to be a vegetarian, so meat isn't too much of an issue. It's been cheese that has been hard but I have made it 22 days free from cheese. So would I carry it on? I … Continue reading Day 22 of my 22 day vegan challenge


Makeup Blog sale

Hello fellow makeup lovers, so I have had a busy afternoon as I decided I needed a major makeup declutter. This was the end result.........A basket to sell on (hence this post), a bag to give to loved ones and anyone wanting it (will do separate post for that) then a bag to bin! When … Continue reading Makeup Blog sale

Is it Total cover?

I've gone from a no foundation type of person to someone that owns a fair few. I get so excited when I see new foundations being released, especially drugstore/high street brand ones. I'm more of a natural finish gal but I do love a good full coverage one for them rare nights out. I do have … Continue reading Is it Total cover?

Am I a bad mum?! 

Good morning and happy mummy Monday. I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Our weekend was okay. The youngest one had to skip rugby Saturday, due to illness (thankfully she's okay now), I went to work leaving the hubby to deal with the day to day doings - all in all a good Saturday.  … Continue reading Am I a bad mum?! 

H&M skincare

Helllloooos, I hope we are all well? As you know I did a H&M haul a while back and reviewed the makeup I brought..... well now the time to tell you my thoughts on 6 of the masked I brought. It's taken a while, I know, but I wanted to really test them all out … Continue reading H&M skincare